Colin Maiden Park

Colin Maiden Park is where most Unimount teams play home games and sometimes train mid-week. 

The grounds are shared with Auckland Cricket so not all the pitches shown in the illustration may actually be available.

The main pitch is No.3, immediately in front of the club rooms with convenient parking on Merton Road. 

Pitch No.4 is nearest to the corner of Merton Road and Morrin Road.

Pitch No.5 is at the southern end of nos 3 and 4 and the best parking is on Morrin Road unless you want to park near the changeing rooms, in which case try one of the internal car parks.

Pitches 6 and 7 are in a cricket oval over the bank south of No.5. No.7 is nearest Morrin Road. There is parking just inside the entrance to the south.

No.8 is the training pitch across the driveway from 6 and 7. The best parking is on Morrin Road only a few metres away.